About me

Marc Hulcelle - Ph.D. Student

I am a second year PhD student in the Signal, Statistics and Learning (S2A) team in the Image, Data and Signal (IDS) Department of the Laboratory Treatment and Communication of Information (LTCI) at Télécom Paris, Palaiseau. My PhD research is conducted under the supervision of Chloé Clavel (Télécom Paris), Giovanna Varni (Télécom Paris), and Nicolas Rollet (i3 Lab, Télécom Paris). My work focuses on the analysis of trust in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). In particular, I created an annotation scheme named TURIN to study trust throughout the entire interaction, and am now focusing on building multimodal computational models of trust. I aim to provide a better explanation of how trust builds and develops during an interaction with said models.

Before my PhD, I worked at Blue Frog Robotics as a robotics software engineer where I worked on developing both the AI of the Buddy robot (R&D on natural interactions, robot "personnality") and its software (architecture, remote-control application). During an academic exchange program at Tohoku University, I conducted research on obstacle detection using a time-of-flight camera for a moon exploration rover at the Space Robotics Lab.

I also hold an Engineering Degree from EMSE (France).




  • “Computational Multimodal Models of Users' Interactional Trust in Multiparty Human-Robot Interaction”. M. Hulcelle, G. Varni, N. Rollet, and C. Clavel. Accepted at 2022 12th Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding (ICPR), 2022.
  • “Turin: A coding system for trust in human robot interaction”. M. Hulcelle, G. Varni, N. Rollet, and C. Clavel in 2021 9th International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), 2021, pp. 1–8.
  • "Exploring User's Trust Dynamics in Human-Robot Interaction". M. Hulcelle, G. Varni, N. Rollet, and C. Clavel in Top Ranked Abstracts from the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for Affective Science. Affec Sci (2021).

Academic duties



  • HCI922: Gestural and Mobile Interaction (2021-22)
  • MDI220: Statistics (2021-22)
  • IA315-IA715: Multimodal Dialogue (2020-23)
  • "Fil rouge": supervision of a group of 4 students working on automatic multimodal detection of stress (2020-21)
  • PACT: technical supervision and counseling of numerous groups for a 6-months-long project (2022-2023)

Presentations and Talks

  • ACII 2021: “Turin: A coding system for trust in human robot interaction”. Poster Presentation Poster Video
  • "Fête de la science": Exhibit "Machines Detecting Human Emotions" presented to the general public (Oct. 2021).


I am always excited to discuss about new projects and ideas, and am open for collaboration !
Feel free to contact me !